Collectible Charm Bracelets for Girls

Charm U Charms make the perfect gifts for girls! Explore the world of Charm U today!

Charm U Charms Collectors Sheet Bucket

Collectible Charm Bracelets Starter Sets

These sets are the perfect gifts for girls and the hottest must-haves for any collector! Each Starter Set has a charm bracelet, a backpack, and eight charms, including one surprise charm! Plus, stickers for each charm you collect!

Beach Charms

Surf’s up! Show off your sunny side if you love going to the beach!

Pet Charms

These adorable pet-themed collectible charms are perfect for any animal lover!

Fantasy Charms

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess with lots of charming friends!

Food Charms

Bon Appetit! If you love snacking, these are the collectible charms for you!

Four Pack of Collectible Charms

Expand your charm collection! There’s a backpack and four charms, including one surprise charm! Perfect for the ultimate fashion collector!

Schoolhouse Playset

Welcome to the coolest classroom ever! The Schoolhouse play set comes with eight tiny school desks, a charm bracelet, a backpack, and eight collectible charms! So much fun, your charms will never want to leave Charm U!

Collectible Charms Surprise Pack

SO RANDOM! Surprises always make a great gift for girls! There’s two surprise charms in every pack! You never know what collectible charms you’re going to get!